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Welcome to Altitude

We hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to check out some of the features and services we provide.

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What is the Altitude Clan?

The Altitude Clan originates from a Hypixel Network guild consisting of loyal and generous players, taking advantage of minigames such as The Walls, Mega Walls, Blitz Survival Games, Paintball, and SkyWars on the network. Altitude is mostly a social gathering, although, we do have organisated events with other Hypixel Network guilds and players! We have a team of Moderators that often host parties within, and external of the Hypixel Network, for players to participate in if they wish. Anyone can join Altitude whilst applications are open, and we're more than happy to recruit more people to our gathering. If you have any questions about Altitude, please feel free to contact a member of staff!

Altitude Clan
Hypixel Network

Recently we've decided to host frequent tournaments on the Hypixel Network for the enjoyment and participation of other guild members. These events are announced through the forums when they become available, and participation can be registered for tournaments in the designated thread. Our Minecraft Survival Server has further been provided for external events and social activities between Altitude Clan members. If you desire access to our survival server, simply request it from a staff members on the forums whilst you uphold an Altitude membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Altitude Clan?

We're extremely resourceful in the way we accept new players into the Altitude Clan. We consider ourselves to be a family of experienced gamers with a passion of social construct and organised events. In order for a new player to be accepted into our family they must create an application, and give us both some insight into who they are, and why we should invite them to join our group. You can apply to join the Altitude Clan on our forums, or through the Hypixel Network guild thread. Please be sure to answer the questions correctly and give as much detail as possible, using the format provided.

Altitude Clan Forums

Hypixel Network Thread

What is the Altitude Alliance?

The Altitude Alliance is a concept that multiple groups and communities could come together, and create something special. We came up with an idea to expand Altitude into more than just a Hypixel Network guild, but an Alliance of multiple guilds sharing resources and services, as well as creating greater scale events for members to enjoy. Those communities and Hypixel Network guilds within the Altitude Alliance are granted full access to our teamspeak and survival server, and gain a direct route of access to the Altitude Managaement Team for event organisation purposes. We pride ourselves on the basis that an Alliance could actually become something great, and Altitude intends to make this happen. If you're interested in becoming part of the Altitude Alliance, please check out of forums for more information, or contact a member of staff for more details.

More Information

Where else can I find updates and information?

The Altitude Clan provides a wide range of activities and opertunities to it's members, some of which are frequent and some of which are occasional. We alert our members of new and upcoming events through our social media accounts located at facebook, twitter, youtube, and google+. If you're interested in getting the latest updates when they're released, please subscribe to our social media accounts and we'll keep you posted.

Staff Members



Altitude Owner

My name is Palomer and I manage the partners, relations, and staff members for the Altitude Clan. I'm usually on teamspeak with other users, and can be found on the Hypixel Network regularly. Furthermore, I assist bugfroggy in the management of Altitude and also assist in making decisions on the future of the clan.

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Altitude Co-Owner

My name is bugfroggy and I work to maintain the activity and functionality within the guild, making decisions on the future of Altitude. You'll frequently find me on the hypixel network with other guild and staff members. Furthermore, I'm a Hypixel Network Moderator and always available to assist players, whatever the issue may be.

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Altitude Administrator

I'm known as NexusOblivion and I maintain most of the services that keep Altitude running smoothly. I'm usually on teamspeak with other guild members, or at university studing the subject of Computer Science for a degree. Furthermore, I'm also a Hypixel Network Helper and have been for more than 2 years.

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Rules and Guidelines

Altitude Guild

  • ✔ Please keep profanity to a minimum.
  • ✔ Show respect for other guild members and avoid argumentative conversation in guild chat for the enjoyment of others.
  • ✔ Ensure you abide by the Hypixel Network global rules at all times, whilst you're a member of the altitude guild.
  • ✔ Be respectful of player privacy, and show respect to all staff members and officers within the guild.
  • ✘ Blacklisted Modifications are strictly prohibited throughout the Hypixel Network and Altitude Guild, and will not be tollerated.
  • ✘ Please don't use phrases or abbreviations of the guild including #ALTITUDE within public chat, as it's bad for the reputation of the guild.
  • ✘ Avoid reporting players to hypixel staff members through guild chat where possible.
  • ✘ Do not spam in the guild chat reguardless of the reason.
  • ✘ Impersonation of other persons is prohibited.

Teamspeak Server

  • ✔ Please keep profanity to a minimum.
  • ✔ Use Teamspeak's "Push-to-talk" feature or raise your voice activation level if you have loud background noise (i.e. keyboard) or an echo in order to keep peace within the channel.
  • ✔ Make yourself identifiable in your Teamspeak name (i.e. using a name, nickname, or your Minecraft username) to avoid confusion.
  • ✘ Sending messages in text chat with rapid succession is prohibited.
  • ✘ Switching channels with rapid succession is prohibited.
  • ✘ Do not speak over your peers while they are talking whenever possible.
  • ✘ Soundboards and voice changers are strictly prohibited unless use is agreed upon by all members of your channel.
  • ✘ Yelling, banging, or other loud noises above your usual volume are prohibited.
  • ✘ Recording of other users is prohibited unless agreed upon by all members of your channel.
  • ✘ Impersonation of other persons is prohibited.

Contact Us

Contact Our Support Team

Welcome to the Altitude Clan website, we hope you've enjoying your visit. We've now moved the contact service to our forums for ease, however you can simply click on the button below to start a conversation with the management team. Please note that you do require an account to private message the management team, and know that you can expect a responce within a few hours.

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